Saturday, January 14, 2012

From the Big Easy to the Big Ass Whoopin

Okay so if you have lived under a rock and haven't heard the news the LSU tigers lost the BCS championship. Yes the Crimson Tide rolled over the Bengals from Baton Rouge in a 21-0 victory. Most wont argue with you in that it was a true eye gouging ass whoopin. However, like all college football especially of this caliber the media will be hot on the trail following the teams every move. Yours truly was their live and in person starting around the Thursday mark. With Satellite up-links, and late night productions for all to see in the Red Stick.
Now most lens luggers would piss and moan at the idea of working late into the night and making the hour drive to and from New Orleans but not this guy (okay I did bitch a little bit it comes with the job). Any who me and the rest of the crew made the best of it. It would have been nice to hit up the local watering hole because god knows in New Orleans you can throw a pair of cheap ass beads from one bar just 5 feet from you and land square on another.....Lets move on. So my options were limited I could sit in the ole sat truck and glaze over the scope (see picture above) or go help out the one man band du jour. Lets just say I carried the tripod.
 So between all the glitz and glam that is live TV I ate a killer burrito a.k.a. the mud butt (thanks shing), shot some made up news, up-linked a sat shot, lit up canal street like a mobile TV studio, adjusted ties and makeup, edited video, tamed a monkey, gave homeless guy a stick of gum, played phone tag with the producers and the desk, and still managed to make it back home and in bed by 2:00 am. Whew and to think this was just day 1...more to come

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A new year, a new perspective

So 2011 is in the can, and were 96 hours into 2012 so what does that mean? Well for some nothing, but for a guy like me well theirs no telling what the next 361 days will be like. Lets not get to ahead of things I'm not a new years resolution kinda guy I am however a goal setter (not that that qualifies as a resolution). You see I found myself a bit rough around the edges twards the end of 2011 but I think ill try a new approach for 2012, I just haven't figured it out yet. Ive seen the good and bad side of life while doing this job and for a while I feel Ive been somewhere in the middle. I mean who likes being woken up at 3am to go look at someone Else's misfortune that would put anyone in a shitty mood am I right? So for 2012 I think ill just try and roll with it a bit more (so to speak). I know what I'm saying probably doesn't make much sense to most, hell I'm trying to figure out what I'm saying. I have a feeling that 2012 has potential I just hope that smoother roads and sunshine lies ahead.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Walking in Memphis

So as the lyric goes, "I touched down In the land of the Delta Blues", However it wasn't for the dry rubbed ribs nor was it for all the swanky Elvis memorabilia  one human being could stand. No I found myself at what some call the greatest place no one wants to go, St Jude Hospital.
Yes it was that time of year again. Now its not to say that I didn't enjoy the 24 hour hiatus from the Red Stick its just well a bit trying on a guy who hates heights. So what did the folks at the top of the totem pole do? Stick yours truly in an airplane 20,000 feet above gods green solid earth. Needless to say every bump and dip that the Wright Brothers invention made, Its scared the hell out of this guys nerves, problem is I don't think they will let you fly drunk. No matter I maned up and got the job done.

And after over 2 hours of Interviews, B-roll, Stand-ups, Makeup applying, sweat wiping, gift shopping, breakfast, lunch, and a full body rubber glove scan at the airport we traded in our Blue Suede Shoes and headed  back to the Pelican State just to rinse and repeat and to think its only Wednesday.....Still got some miles to geaux

Monday, September 26, 2011

And thus it begins

Well lets see where to start? So im new at this Blog thing, in fact this is day 1. From time to time I do have the occasional break in my day when the gunshots have quieted down, or the desk isn't sending me out to chase cat farts in the middle of nowhere, so when I get the time I will tell the world about my day. Now im not trying to steal mr lenslingers thunder I just thought id just help clog up the internet with daily play by plays of my day for your reading pleasure. So that being said, "im off like a prom dress"...more to come stay tuned